Why You Should Consider Living In a Condo

Have you ever wondered why people choose to live in a condo and not in a house? Well, the truth is that there are several benefits that are associated with living in a condo. By having a look on some of these benefits, at the end of it, you might as well decide that you are going to live in a condo. Here are some of the reasons why living in a condo is the best option. You can also click here for more information.

Perfect locations

Many condos are located at the helm of the city. Once you make your mind that you are going to live in a condo, then you are going to get access to various desirable amenities. When it comes to going to your workplace, it will only take you a few seconds as there are suburb roads that do not condone disgusting traffic jams. Also, entertainment and such like things will never be hard for you to get.

No repairs

Living a house may sometimes require that you pay special attention to repairs and other things like landscaping. Most time you find that you do not have time to do such things. When it comes to condos, things tend to be different. The responsibility is left to the condo management. This like snow removal is done by the management. This saves you time and headache of having to look for the right contractor for the job.


One of the main reasons why some people do not consider living in a condo is that they believe that they will pay expensively. However, if you look at it critically, you will discover that in fact, it is cheaper to live in a condo than in a house. This is because there are many benefits that you get access to when you live in a condo. The views that you get are enough to get rid of the workplace stress.

Improved social life

Another good thing about living in a condo is that you get a perfect chance to improve your social life. This is because the community around the condo becomes part of you. Also, the fact that you will share social amenities such as swimming pools mean that you will get close to each other. If you live in the upper towers, you are assured, of making different friends every time you walk to your place. Your security is well taken care of meaning that you will have nothing to worry about as far as your safety is concerned.…

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Why Condominiums are the Best Boost for Real Estate in Canada


Many condominiums, or condos as they are commonly known, have been coming up in Canada in the recent years. The area that has shown the significant boost in Toronto as much as other towns and cities are also getting their share. According to 1 Yonge condos experts and investors, there are various reasons why Canada is getting such attention in the building of these units. It is not just a coincidence that the growth rate of condos is much higher than any other housing plan. So, why are the condos a significant boost to the real estate in Canada?

Condos are relatively cheap to construct

condosIf you look at each mega project of a whole condo, you may get discouraged to invest your money. However, real estate experts do not hesitate to say that the cost of each unit in a condo is far much cheaper than a stand-alone unit. Therefore, they contribute to the sustainable economy in many ways. Imagine over a hundred units sharing a small piece of land? Imagine the cost saved by sharing of amenities. Canadians are keen to embrace this kind of housing.

Condos have a ready market

Most condos in Toronto are usually booked for purchase and lease before completion. The investing companies usually advertise them early enough where buyers can choose as early as during a floor plan. With such kind of assured market, the large investors are not afraid to contribute finances. At the end of the day, the country at large moves forward economically and in terms of development. If you are planning to buy a unit in a condo, you had better start looking early. Most of those you see standing across Toronto are fully booked.

Condos offer great amenities

The imagination of living in a unit where you can access various amenities within makes people want condos more. Most of them have shared swimming pools, serviced units, ATMs, restaurants and a gym among many others. They also offer ample parking for each unit and enough security. All this is in addition to the fact that they are usually in the city where you can access other amenities quickly. Such kind of housing planning is an excellent boost to the real estate in the country.

Condos generate tax

Whether they are sold or leased out, these housing units generate tax to the government. The real estate tax system is well organized in Canada so that it can benefit the whole country. Foreign investors have nothing to fear as the country welcomes them and has a favorable taxation process for them. This, in turn, boosts the real estate industry as more investors feel safe to invest and also grows the economy at large.

There is beautiful competition

Toronto, to be specific, seems to be in some kind of real estate competition. The many real estate firms are going to the best architect and engineers to build iconic condos that are not only amazing but boosts the beauty of the city. Apart from building new units, they are also renovating the old buildings to match the new trend.…

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Choosing a real estate agent

Home keys

The process of buying a home in Toronto can be a bit complex, especially to those who have little or no experience in dealing with real estate. You have to deal with house hunting, negotiations, legal documentation, and many other things. Any mistake that you make during the process can end up costing you quite a lot. To make the entire process easier and avoid making any mistakes, you should consider hiring a real estate agent. Make sure that you choose the most suitable agent for your particular needs to get the best services. Some of the top considerations to make, which will guide you to choosing the best agent, are highlighted below.

Top factors to consider


There are many real estate agents spread across Toronto. Some of them have been in the business for decades while others have just been trying it out for a few weeks or months. It is important that you always choose one with many years of experience if you desire to get the best deal. Experts recommend those with a minimum of five years of experience. They will have more knowledge and skills garnered over the years, which will be put to good use in getting you a dream deal. The experienced agents may charge a little more expensive compared to the newbies, but the services are usually worth the money.


thumbs upMost homebuyers nowadays check the personality of the real estate agents as well. You should choose someone who is pleasant to work with. The agent should be able to communicate everything in a clear way that you can easily comprehend. He should also be eager to get you a good deal and show readiness to deliver. Good negotiation skills will also come in handy in fetching you the best prices.


You should also factor in where the agent is based. Always go for an agent who is based close to the area where the property that is of interest is located. The main reason for this is that he will have deeper knowledge and understanding of his local market, which puts him in a great position to find great deals. It will also work better with your schedule. For example, if you are looking to buy a property, you will not have to wait for the agent to travel long distances to come and show you the property that you are interested in.…

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Choosing a home remodeling contractor

Contractors at work

The business of home remodeling is quite huge in Canada. This has been brought about by homeowners having specific needs and preferences for their homes. There are many contractors who have set up business, ready to help you with your home improvement or remodeling project. Choosing the right one is key to getting your home exactly the way you want it to be, if not better. Below are a few of the main factors to consider when choosing a contractor, to ensure that you get the best one among your options.

Factors to consider when choosing a remodeling contractor


thumbs up for qualification

You should ensure that the contractor has all the relevant qualifications to carry out the job in a professional way. Take a look at the credentials to confirm that he did some coursework and passed various tests to get certifications. You can also find out the number of years that he has been in business and check out some of his work to ensure that he can deliver quality work. You should also check the licensing of the contractor to ensure that he is operating a legal business. Depending on the scope of the home improvement project, you should also check if the contractor is insured. The insurance should cover both injuries and property damage.


You should choose a contractor who has a great reputation. This will give you some confidence in him, allowing you to go through the entire home improvement project with a peaceful mind. You can find out about the reputation of contractors by checking their customer satisfaction levels. Those who do a good job will leave their customers happy, who in turn will spread the word about how good the contractor is. Check genuine review from the websites and ask relatives and colleagues to find the reputable home improvement contractors.


dollar billsWell, you will obviously have to pay for the services offered by the contractor. You should find out how much various contractors will charge the same job to get a good idea of the price point. Choose a contractor whose service you can afford. Remember to consider factors such as experience and equipment used, which may affect the price that a contractor charges. Going for the unrealistic low prices may result in a poor job done due to the incompetence and inexperience of the contractor. You will end up redoing the entire project, costing you a lot more in the end.


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Bienvenue sur la page d’accueil du RHQ


Le RHQ crée des petits groupes de 6 à 10 hommes pour leur permettre de se parler des vraies affaires, à partir des tripes, en toute confidentialité, respectueusement, dans un environnement où ils ne seront pas jugés. Ce qui est dit entre eux reste entre eux.

Nos groupes s’adressent à tous les hommes qui veulent se comprendre de mieux en mieux, prendre conscience de qui ils sont et de ce qu’ils veulent faire de leur vie afin se se sentir mieux et être plus heureux.



Pour en connaître davantage :

La mission
Les groupes
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Les bienfaits que les hommes en retirent…

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